♦ Reduces Cellulite ♦ Gives The Best Pre-Event Sports Massage ♦ Improves & Increases Circulation ♦ Drains Excess Tissue Fluid, Waste & Toxins ♦ Improves Skin Texture ♦ Reduces Muscular Tension – Relieving Aches & Pains Acars Clinic uses a top of the range G5 which has been patented worldwide. This system delivers three pressure

Brazilian Bum Lift

Injections carried out into the buttocks provide their volume, visual appeal. The skin becomes taut, elastic, the bottom – more beautiful and relief. Buttock injections do not need to be injected constantly. As a rule, from 2 to 5 injections are administered in one course. You can repeat it when the effect disappears. This is


What is Hair Mesotherapy?Hair mesotherapy; It is the process of applying the substances that the hair needs to be strong and healthy, directly to the scalp. Hair mesotherapy also provides support for dormant hair follicles to pass into the growth phase. Hair loss is a problem that can affect everyone, male or female. The most


The benefits of vitamin C have been well known for centuries. Explorers on the high seas brought citrus fruits on long voyages to prevent scurvy, and today vitamin C is used to treat colds, boost immune systems, stimulate collagen growth, lower hypertension, and even protect against heart disease.Vitamin C is of great importance for the


It is a painless, needle-free application suitable for every part of the body. 35% TCA in its content Compared to traditional treatments containing TCA and hydroxy acids, BioRePeelCl3 guarantees a strong DIRECT biostimulation effect from the AMINO ACIDS and VITAMINS in its content, as well as a lifting effect from GABA and a holistic treatment

Radio Frequency

What is radiofrequency (skin tightening)?Many of us stay away from plastic surgeries for reasons such as costs and possible scars, as they will affect the flow of our lives. However, there are some situations that require surgery. It is possible to take precautions with non-surgical procedures before reaching this point. As the mesh tissue under


Due to genetic predisposition, unhealthy eating habits and accompanying sedentary lifestyle or hormonal malfunctioning, the rate of fat in the body of people increases and these fats can be concentrated especially in certain areas. People with high fat ratio can lose weight throughout their body with diets given by nutritionists and dieticians. These diets will
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