The two types of treatments are:

  • Reconstructors which make the hair stronger and are generally protein based. These are for you if you have chemically damaged hair (i.e. from a perm or colour) or breaking or weak hair. They are often a combination of protein and moisture as pure protein treatments used incorrectly can leave the hair brittle. After using this type of treatment don’t expect your hair to feel great as they work internally and you may still need a conditioner to make your hair feel smooth. They are most often found at the salon and used during chemical processes. Don’t use protein based treatments within a week either side of a colour as they can cause colour to fade or not ‘take’ properly in some instances.
  • Moisturisers the most common type of treatment, balance the moisture content of the cortex (middle of your hair). Great for frizzy, dry hair and those of you with curly hair that lacks bounce. Will treat all damage conditions from chemical to physical (i.e. from colouring to over drying or heating your hair to sun damage).


On the other hand, conditioners are:

  • Rinses and acidifiers used to close the cuticle and seal the hair i.e. make it feel smooth and easily combed. If you have coloured hair a conditioner is a must with every shampoo to lock in your colour and make it last longer. Also if your hair is mid to long they are also necessary to nourish those areas that the natural oils just don’t get to. Really only those of us with very short non chemically processed hair don’t need a conditioner.
  • Thermal protectors (Conditioner/finishing product) are used to prevent heat damage before it starts. If your hair is prone to damage or you use heated appliances on you hair regularly make sure your styling product contains this type of protection.
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