Radio Frequency Face Treatment

Tightening and Toning


A treatment specifically designed to fight the signs of ageing.


In this treatment dermis – the deeper layer of the skin, is gently heated, stimulating the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, responsible for keeping the skin’s firmness, elasticity and hydration levels thus improving the tone, texture, strength and appearance of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles


Is Radio Frequency like a Laser?

No, the technology is entirely different and therefore there are not the same limitations to when the treatment can be performed. This means that even if you are tanned you can have the treatment and there are very few reasons why patients would be excluded from treatment due to medications or illness. This makes it an ideal treatment option for those wanting to find minimally invasive options for skin rejuvenation.


How long will the Radio Frequency treatment take?

Treatments on the face will take around 20-60 minutes.


How many treatments are needed to see results?

The best results are achieved following a course of treatment. We recommend between 4-6 sessions when treating the face and 6-10 sessions when treating the body. Treatments are spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Once the results have been achieved single maintenance sessions will be required every 4-6 months.


Recovery Time

There is no downtime with this treatment. The skin looks pink and glowing afterwards and you feel like you’ve had a lovely massage.


Results Duration

A course of treatment is recommended. Results can last for 10-12 months and maintenance treatments are recommended.

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