Laser resurfacing is done using a special non-surgical Picosecond laser. The thermal energy created by the laser heats and vaporizes damaged skin. The skin treated by the laser is sensible and delicate due to the target injury however it has been stimulated to regenerate, tighter skin with smaller pores, reduced wrinkles and imperfections.

Indications in aesthetics:

Skin rejuvenation, pigmentation and scar enhancement for specific skin types.

Treatment FAQ

·      Procedure time: 60 minutes

·      Anaesthetic: Local - cream

·      Visible Effect: 3 – 4 weeks

After Treatment FAQ

·      Immediate aftercare: Wound care, sunscreen and avoid heat

·      Downtime: up to 7 days

·      Concealer possible: Not in the first week

Treatment Details

·      Number of sessions:1-3

·      Average duration of results:18 months