Do you want to build muscle and burn fat while laying down? Do you pursue having fine abs and healthy lines but do not have time to work out? Zerrin Sculpt is the revolution!

The human body contains 30% of muscles; however, existing non-surgical treatments only focus on fat and skin.  Zerrin Sculpt is the new treatment that helps you to get a defined body like Kim Kardashian and Chris Evans without exercise. By building muscle in those hard to treat areas and reducing unwanted fat concurrently, our customers can enjoy a noticeable body change.

Acars  as one of the first aesthetic clinics to introduce Zerrin Sculpt in the UK.

Zerrin sculpt essentially causes 20,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes.

  • 1 abdominal treatment (30 minutes) is equivalent to 20,000 abdominal crunches
  • 1 butt treatment (30 minutes) is equivalent to 20,000 squats

After the first treatment, you will feel tangible immediately.

  • Waist circumference will decrease by an average of 4.17 cm.
  • Fat loss will be 19% on that specific area
  • The average muscle thickness will increase by 16%,

Zerrin Sculpting, Bristol UK

Zerrin Sculpt EMS Body Contouring is completely non-invasive and can be used by both men and women in the following areas:

  • Abdomen (Abs)
  • Buttocks
  • Shoulders and Arms
  • Thighs
  • Hamstring


The Benefits Of Zerrin Sculpt

HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field) is used to causes 20,000 muscle contractions. HIFEM is used to focus electromagnetic energy to trigger supramaximal contractions and that allows muscles to perform extreme contraction movements that the human body cannot complete autonomously. At the same time, high-intensity muscle contraction stimulates muscle growth and induces fat cells to accelerate metabolism.

Emsculpt, Ai Beauty

Compared to other fat loss tools, this is a very fast response, in other cases, you need to wait for months to see something happen. With Zerrin Sculpt, even with a single visit, you will find that the area looks better after a day or two.

Zerrin Sculpt, Bristol UK

How Does Muscle Work?

In general, the intensity and amplitude of muscle contraction are limited. Only some muscles can be trained. It is difficult to achieve the effect of muscle gain gradually. The high-intensity muscle contraction brings about a gain effect that cannot be achieved by natural muscle movement, which will cause significant changes under the drive of Zerrin Sculpt. Muscle fibers are built by 16 percent for more defined abs and rounder rear-ends.

How Does It Affect My Fat?

Emsculpt, Ai Beauty

We usually think that aerobic exercise is the quickest way to lose fat; however, the body mainly consumes Carbohydrates only in the first 10-15 minutes. The fat will start generally to be burn after that. Therefore, it can be difficult to achieve the effect of reducing fat in a short time.

Zerrin Sculpt triggers high-intensity muscle contraction, leads to implode fat cells. A large number of triglycerides in free cells are decomposed into free fatty acids (FFA).  The lipolysis of FFA is the way to eliminate the fat from the body.

Emsculpt, Ai Beauty

There are three different phase parameters that can be set to ensure to achieve the highest efficacy.

  • First Phase: Muscles are warmed up for the preparation of intensive exercise. The muscles are tightened slightly, and you would have a feeling of pulling upwards.
  • Second Phase: High-density muscle contraction makes the muscles reach 100% extreme training, lipolysis is triggered. Muscles are increased and the apoptosis of fat cells is happening at the same time. Zerrin Sculpt makes the muscles contract a thousand times in a few seconds on the second mode and the movements longer than the first Phase.
  • Third Phase: Low-density electromagnetic waves are used to relax muscles and help drain away toxins or lactic acid. It feels like tapping the muscles (about 10 times per second), which is a very slow contraction.


Emsculpt, Ai Beauty




         What Result Can I Expect?

Generally, the effect can be seen after a course of treatment, and muscle would line appear immediately. After 3-4 courses of continuous treatment, you can easily feel your muscle lines such as vest lines when body fat is low. In the meanwhile, you also need to have a healthy diet so the fat will not rebound.

         Why Zerrin Sculpt Essentially Causes 20,000 Muscle Contractions?

The treatment is equivalent to a real weight loss exercise. HIFEM is used to focus electromagnetic energy to trigger supramaximal contractions and that allows muscles to perform extreme contraction movements that the human body cannot complete autonomously.

         How Long Does The Zerrin Sculpt Treatment Interval Take?

Normally one treatment takes 30 minutes. The full course contains four treatments and please take 2 to 3 days gap between treatments. Ideally, 4 to 5 course is suggested in a year to keep fit.

How long will I see results after Body Contouring Treatment?

Some users found that the abdominal muscle lines have improved one day after the treatment.

To achieve the effect of breaking down fat and increasing muscles, 4 treatments are needed.

The best effect is 2-4 weeks after the course of treatment.

After the treatment, it can reduce fat by up to 19% and increase muscle by up to 16%.


         How Do I Feel Right After One Treatment?

When experiencing the whole treatment, you can feel the muscles being grabbed by a burst of energy again and again but it does not hurt at all. After experiencing the treatment, the muscle of the treated part might be sour and have slight fatigue. This is the result of the effect after the treatment, and the body will feel that it has been well exercised. Follow-up treatment will be more adaptable and relaxed.

  • How long the result last?

The treatment causes irreversible apoptosis and that shows the result is thus long-lasting.

     What do I need on the day of contouring treatment?

It is recommended that users wear comfortable clothes during the process.

All jewellery and electronic devices need to be removed during treatment.


      Who is suitable for Zerrin Sculpt treatment?

Zerrin Sculpt treatment is best suited to patients who are looking to reduce fat and build muscle. It is best performed on patients who have stubborn areas of pinchable fat. Zerrin sculpt is not suitable for anyone with medical implants such as pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators or women who are breastfeeding or are may be pregnant. To find out whether you are suitable for Zerrin sculpt treatment visit us for a consultation with one of our Zerrin sculpt trained Clinical Practitioners.

Are there any contraindications?

Please note that the following patients will not be suitable for this treatment:

• Patients with pacemakers
• Pregnant or lactating women
• Patients with heart disease or a weaker heart
• Patients with body implants or using implantable medical devices
• Patients with cerebrovascular disease (stroke patients)
• Patients with brain damage or have had brain surgery

The treatment is not suitable for the following body areas:

• Near the carotid arteries (located in the neck)
• Upper body above the abdomen
• On the knee or anywhere on the bone


         Are There Any Side Effects Or Dangers?

We are directly authorized and trained by the Zerrin head office to provide professional operating qualifications and low the risk to none. The magnetic technology has existed for decades, and its safety has been proven through dozens of studies.



EM Body Contouring

Painless Contouring, Sweat-Free, Convenient and Fast,

Lying Down for 30 Minutes = 5.5 Hours of Exercise.


Note that this treatment is also ideal if you are:

  • Recovering from a sports injury or illness
  • Looking to restore fitness caused by lack of exercise, especially as a result of lockdown
  • Looking to bulk up your buttocks and achieve a non-surgical BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)
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